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Private Line Competition [03 May 2009|09:07pm]
*fights her way through layers of dust*
Hmm, is this community already dead?

The SINdicate is running a competition for all Private Line fans ;)

We are searching for the biggest Private Line fan and will reward him/her with a suprise package!

You sold your heart and soul to Hellcity Pirates?
Then show us why YOU are their biggest fan. To prove that, let your imagination run wild, there is just one condition: Your contribution has to show, that you are promoting Private Line.

Show us how much of a pirate you are and send your contribution to sindicate@gmx or write a mail to our Myspace profile - until May, 31st - and gain the chest full of Private Line treasures!
already dead?

Help... [17 Mar 2008|09:57pm]

Hey guys ...

We are searching for Material for our Suomi Roxx site


Meaning we are looking for pictures, wallpapers, Icons, Gig reviews, meeting stories and fanfics
(in german or english), fanarts, drawings and paintings and whatever else you can think of from
the following finnish artists...

- Negative
- Private Line
- Flinch
- Uniklubi
- Matthau Mikojan
- Entwine

So if you have something you can mail us at SweetestAngel20@web.de or Kessie19@gmx.de

Thanks in advance and keep on rocking...

The Suomi Roxx Team
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NEW COMMUNITY [19 Jan 2008|04:42pm]



This community is Private Line centred, meaning you can post *everything* from fanfic to news to photos and whatnot. It's a friendslocked community as well, so please join. ;D

already dead?

[29 Aug 2007|09:38pm]

Oh yes, this place is dead.

Well Private Line have got a new fan in me thanks to Negative's Sir Christus and the lovely people who insist on slashing him with Jack Smack.

I got curious and went to look them up on itunes. I fell in love with their music from just the 30sec clips and bought both albums. I haven't stopped listening since and I am supposed to be learning my Negative albums and writing my own fics, you can safely say I have been distracted ;-p

My best mate will tell you I am very stubborn when it comes to music. She's always nagging me to listen to this band and that band but because I'm stubborn I won't and will get off my ass in my own time. I can tell you she was shocked as hell when she had me on the phone telling her to listen to Private Line.

The only other band who's come close to having me hooked from the fist listen is The Rasmus, and to this day they are still my favorite band and I don't care what anyone thinks of that *if it weren't for them I'd still be oblivious to all Finnish music, so there*.

Private Line come very close though, they're fucking awesome!
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[10 May 2007|03:58am]

hello, i just wanted to take a few moments out of your day to ask you to check out a new Finnish-bands RPG. keep in mind it's brand new and we're still trying to iron out a few things, but we're definitely ready for new members. :-) thanks~

Finns and Friends RPG
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6 icons! [23 Mar 2007|07:09pm]




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VIDEO FOR SOUND ADVICE! [21 Feb 2007|11:19pm]

It's right HERE! Or if the link doesn't work, on their myspace under videos.

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[18 Feb 2007|04:17pm]

Hey all :)

I'm new to this community AND have a question: Does anybody know where to get Private Line merchandise?
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[22 Jan 2007|06:42am]

Does anyone have the video Broken Promised Land I can DL?
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Private line - 1-800 out of nowhere screencaptures [13 Dec 2006|09:51pm]

Private line with the vocalist making weird faces XDCollapse )

[28 Apr 2006|03:00pm]

Hello people!
I am new in that community and I found Private Line little time ago
I watched the video 1800-OUT-OF-NOWHERE and I liked the sound ^ ^
I am wondering if somebody can upload some music of them for me, because doesn't sell their CDs here and it is also very difficult to find music of them in the dowload programs =P

thank you all for the attention^^
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Some icons about the band [05 Jul 2005|07:22pm]


By Private Line Spain :P

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21.05.05 first Private Line gig in Russia [07 May 2005|10:06pm]

[ mood | blank ]

PRIVATE LINE official russian fan-site
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[10 Apr 2005|01:31am]

[ mood | ohhhhhhhhhh ]

Hey people!! i come here for inform you that in our website about private line band, you can to see new pics and videos of the last italian tour!! enjoy it!!(sorry for my english )  www.privatelinespain.com

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New Russian FanSite [22 Mar 2005|10:53am]

[ mood | tiriririrti ]

Hey for all! I find yesterday, a new fansite from Russia dedicated to Private Line : www.privateline.narod.ru

Enjoy it! ;)

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I don't know if anyone saw this.. [01 Mar 2005|01:14pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

We are proud to announce the HIM Fan Party 2005 to be held at the Highbury Garage, London on Saturday 16th of April.
The event, running from 3pm until 11pm will be a HIM Fan extravaganza with HIM merchandise giveaways, competitions, DJ sets and Bands to provide the entertainment.
HIM themselves will be busy recording their new album at the time of the party and so will not attend but have given their full blessing and support for this event.
The headlining band of the day will be Private Line who are flying in especially for this concert, fresh from top ten chart success in their native Finland this will be their first gig in the UK. Keeping the HIM theme alive will be MAB and Esoterica, both of whom supported HIM on their 2004 UK tour.
Providing extra entertainment will be: Vero whose 2004 single ‘How Does It Feel’ hit the Scuzz top ten video chart last year, Whitby Goth Festival regulars The Narcissus Pool and the industrial metal of Needleye.
DJ duties will be carried out by TotalRock’s very own Twang and also DJ Angel (Inferno, Purple Turtle, Intrepid Fox)
Venue: Highbury Garage London
Date – Saturday 16th of April 2005
Times: 3pm – 11pm
Ticket Cost £12.50
Tickets available exclusively from: www.meanfiddler.com
Age Restriction: 14+

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Welcome! [17 Jan 2005|01:03pm]

[ mood | good ]

Welcome to the first LJ community about the Finnish band Private Line. So let's see how many fans of the band are to find on here... ;) Hope you meet lots of new people and have a lot of fun here!



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